Our system

We understand that tour operators come in all shapes and sizes. That's why we have created a dynamic and flexible system that makes selling and managing travel bookings more accurate, efficient and profitable. Whether you need an end-to-end solution or integration into existing websites, our modular platform reacts to your requirements and evolves as you do.

User-friendly Point of Sale

Our intuitive system simplifies and enhances the sales process. With Point of Sale screens, which can be tailored to your brand, it allows you, your customers and partners to make and manage reservations - maximising efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Customer management

Knowledge of your customers, their preferences and booking history is vital to providing the best service possible. Through capturing and tracking customer data, our system helps with holiday development plus personalised sales and marketing, both pre and post-booking.

Quote and booking management

With Tigerbay, you can build and store customer quotes quickly and simply, then recall these at any time. Once a reservation is made, our booking management tool allows easy additions, amendments and cancellations, along with notes and special requirements to enhance your customer service.

Product management and marketing

We help you present and promote your products - from concept through to marketing and sales - in one clear and simple environment. You have complete control over the positioning and pricing of your product range, taking advantage of multiple channels while maximising offers and rich content.

Contract, inventory and yield management

With Tigerbay, you can upload and manage all your commercial agreements in one place, offering simplicity and maintaining full flexibility around offers. The easy to use inventory management tool enables instant tracking, reporting, modification of inventory as required to help yield management decisions and maximise profits.

Integrated CMS, powerful cache and websites

Websites which deliver relevant, rapid and accurate online information, with a component based Content Management System (CMS) and rules-based cache - designed specifically for tour operators.

Integrated DMS for quality customer documentation

We understand the importance of quality, informative and timely documentation in creating a seamless travel experience. Our integrated DMS automatically generates tailored branded documents, personalised to the needs of the customer and with a full version history stored for your records.

Sales and purchase ledger

Our system takes the headache out of administration by automating your operational and accounting processes. This leaves you to focus on creating the perfect holiday for your customers, while giving you access to all the fine details when you need them.

Flexible rules engine

Our multi-use rules engine supports your business strategy, enabling you to define your offering, pricing, promotions and any operational checks.

Reporting and analysis

Create tailored, real-time reports at the touch of a button. With fast access to customer, sales, accounting, product, yield and marketing data, the system allows you to track and measure business performance through intelligent and user-friendly reporting.

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