Tigerbay Digital Services

Delivering sales, marketing and digital performance. Whether its building your front-end website, delivering better search marketing solutions, connecting up your SEO potential, or finding you new affiliate channels to market, Tigerbay Digital Services is here to help you grow your business.

New Websites: Complete Solutions

Imagine seamlessly joining up your reservations platform, content management system and front-end website. Increasing numbers of Tigerbay customers are shifting to our complete solution and enjoying the benefits of functionality improvements, synced up development sprints and ease of working relationship for their core technology requirements.

Existing Websites: Performance Enhancements

Think you’ve already got your front-end website sorted? Talk to us about insight driven content build-outs or UX (user) driven next design projects. Tigerbay Digital Services could review and deliver you a new booking journey, or build out a new micro-site for your best-selling or most exclusive product lines.

Tigerbay Tour Operator App

Did you know that Tigerbay can help you build your own ‘Operator App’?

You might want to message your customers when they are on tour or in resort, store their important documents, provide information on extra excursions (up-sell opportunities) or prompt a next booking message as a follow-up upon return.

Search Marketing: Audit & Services Delivery

Are you confident you are getting the right return on investment from your PPC campaigns? Your search marketing should be the driving force of your acquisition strategy bringing new customer leads in to your business. For a free ‘Search Marketing Audit’ please contact the Digital Services team.

Search Engine Optimisation: Audit & Services Delivery

Is your natural traffic up or down each month? How are your rankings compared to your key competitor set? Do you have a content strategy and are you confident that it relates to your business objectives? If you would like a free ‘Snapshot Opportunity Analysis’ please contact the Digital Services team.

Affiliate Marketing: New channels to market

Online shopping behaviour is changing rapidly. Many customers are making use of comparison sites, voucher code providers or employee benefit platforms, before making their final purchase decisions. Are you on top of this channel to market and new business opportunity?  If you are not sure, the Tigerbay team would love to help.

Data & CRM Solutions: Big data, little data, no data or simply too much data …

Which camp is your business in at the moment? In our experience, tour operators have different levels of interest in their data-driven marketing and customer relationship management. Tigerbay works very closely with a preferred CRM partner to deliver real solutions.

Advertising & Campaigns: Give your brand a boost

Tigerbay Digital Services works in partnership with a forward-thinking advertising agency who will help you deliver great cut-through without the normal waffle. If you are looking to charge up your digital banners, deliver a brand boost, raise your radio profile or simply deliver genuinely integrated campaigns then we would be happy to start a conversation.

Contact us today to start a conversation on how Tigerbay Digital Services can help your business.

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