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Introducing Stuart Whyle, our new Operations Manager

What did do you do prior to Tigerbay?

I have a background mainly in software development, working with organisations that provide bespoke systems. I have worked with a variety of companies like Galileo’s GDS, to telecoms and embedded systems. Recently I have also been involved in managing infrastructure and service delivery – so I have a good appreciation of building new systems, taking them live and then supporting them.

What attracted you to Tigerbay?

It’s clear that Tigerbay is growing. The acquisition by ATCORE Technology Group Ltd is an endorsement of Tigerbay’s product offering and their recognized strength within their market sector. And it is also clear that ATCORE want Tigerbay to continue to flourish within that space. I was also impressed with what Tigerbay has achieved – building a product suite, from a small client base, to the capabilities that are recognized by companies like Mark Warner and Simpson Travel. The clients like the flexibility of the system that allows it to be tailored to their needs.  

What is your role and why is it important to Tigerbay?

My role as Operations Manager is to help with the management of the business as we continue to grow. Carl, our Managing Director, is looking for a safe pair of hands while he is out of the office. He wants to know that we are responsive to our customers’ needs, dealing with any issues on their production systems while also keeping pace with new projects and customer opportunities.

What are your key objectives for the next 12 months?

There are some short to medium term objectives that I am looking at. Initially, I am looking at the Support function to make sure that we give excellent customer service. We've also just moved offices, so we needed to make sure that was as seamless as possible for our customers. 

We've also just kicked off a large project, so I am keen to support that and ensure that we get off to a good start.

Recruitment is also at the top of my agenda. Getting the right fit for a small, talented and growing company.

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