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Meet Ollie de le Vingne, Tigerbay's new Project Manager

What did you do prior to joining Tigerbay?

I have worked in travel for a number of years, most recently as UK Operations Manager for Skiworld. My career in the industry happened by accident, it started when I decided to follow my passion for skiing by working a winter season overseas. That one season turned in to several, eventually leading to UK based roles.

What attracted you to Tigerbay?  

Having been a Tigerbay customer for the last few years I have first-hand experience of the system and the company, I have been able to learn the system and understand its strengths within the industry. The recent investment from ATCORE was also further evidence of the strength of the company and their desire to keep moving forward, and it’s this type of company I want to be involved with. I have also been lucky enough to get to know a lot of the team who have all been great to work with, so I thought why not get to know them better as colleagues.

What is your role at Tigerbay and why is it important? 

I am a project manager and the main part of my role is to manage the implementation of the Tigerbay system with new clients. Taking on a new reservation system or website is a big step for any business so it’s vital that we make the process as smooth and with as little disruption as possible. In most cases the Tigerbay system will provide customers with new functionality and opportunities and it’s my role to make sure they are getting the best out of the system. I will also be working with existing clients to help with continuing developments and improvements to the system and their businesses.

What are your main objectives for the coming 12 months?  

Initially I intend to familiarise myself with areas of the system I am currently unaware of and get to know some of our existing customers to see how I can help them with their use of Tigerbay. In the longer term I look forward to working with our new customers and helping them make Tigerbay invaluable to their businesses.

How has it been crossing over from tour operator to technology provider? What insights do you think you can bring to the role as a result of your tour operator experience?

Seeing it from the other side has been really interesting. On a couple of occasions, I have had to remind myself to think as supplier rather than a customer, but the transition has been relatively straight forward. Having managed the implementation and development as a customer, and with my knowledge of tour operations, I think I am well placed to be able look at the project objectively from both sides and ensure the best possible outcome for both parties.

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