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Paul Cavacuiti talks about his new role as Senior Business Analyst

What did you do prior to Tigerbay?

I have spent the majority of my career in IT, and more specifically within the software industry. For the past 14 years, I have worked in the travel technology sector, helping to provide systems to a large number of tour operators, based in both the UK and abroad, in a variety of roles ranging from support and test analyst, to business analyst and most recently product consultant.

During this time, I have been fortunate to work with a wide range of companies, varying in both scale and market sector. I believe that this combination of previous roles and variety of customers, has given me a good general understanding of the travel industry, and in particular the technical and commercial challenges faced by each tour operator, and the software requirements that these generate. 

What attracted you to Tigerbay?

Having worked in the same industry sector, I was well aware of Tigerbay’s growing reputation for designing and delivering an increasingly comprehensive product suite. In addition, the acquisition of Tigerbay by ATCORE, was further proof (if any were needed!) of the scale and ambition of the company, and the products and services that they are capable of offering. 

On a personnel level, having previously worked with Carl, our Managing Director, and a number of the wider team members, I appreciated their collective experience and professionalism, giving me the confidence that I was joining the right company at the right time.

What is your role and why is it important? 

Primarily, my role as a Senior Business Analyst is to ensure that enhancement requirements meet the customer’s business aims, whilst also being functionally and technically compatible with the system. This is essential to ensure that the resulting developments are delivered on time, within budget and as promised. 

On a more granular level, my role involves reviewing any initial requirements for both customer and in-house developments. This includes liaising with both the technical teams and customers prior to obtaining an initial high-level estimate for the work. Once approved, I would manage the scheduling of this work and generate a functional specification or user story in order for this to be developed. 

What are your key objectives for the next 12 months?

Initially, my key objective will be to immerse myself in the various features that the Tigerbay products can provide, while gaining a better understanding of what and how these are used by each of our customers. 

Following this, I hope that I will be able to provide the best service that I can, to both our customers and to the continuing development of the Tigerbay product set.

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